5        7.24                 5        8.49                        10      13.99               10      14.99
            20      26.49               15      21.99
            30      38.99               20      28.99
    Mild, Medium, Hot, X-Hot, XXX-Hot, Insanity,
 Honey-Mustard, Honey-Hot, Honey-BBQ, 
BBQ, Hot-BBQ, Butter-Garlic, Mango Heat, 
Sweet n' Sour (on the side only),
Italian (choose Med, Hot or X-Hot base)

 At WING WAGON all Wing and Finger orders 
always INCLUDE Celery & Bleu Cheese!!
Extra order of Blue Cheese OR Celery - .70 each
Ranch available upon request
Split orders add .70
Char-Grilled add 1.00
                                         Small      Medium     Large
                                           10"            12"          16"
    Cheese or Garlic           7.99         11.99       15.99
        Each topping              .75           1.25         1.75

Pepperoni, Sausage, Mushroom, Onion, Green Pepper, 
Black Olive, Bacon, Ham, Tomato, Pineapple, 
Pepperoncini Peppers
      Specialty Pizzas~
  Hawaiian                         9.99        15.49        20.79
  Mexican                           9.99        15.49        20.79
  Hot Chicken                     9.99        15.49        20.79
  BBQ Chicken                   9.99        15.49        20.79
  Bacon/Chicken/Ranch   10.49        16.29        21.79
  Combo (2 meat/3 veg)   11.49        17.99        24.29
  Meat Lover (4 meats)    11.49        17.99        24.29 
 Out of the Fryers
  French Fries                                                   2.99
   Hot Poppers (5)                                             4.99
      Chili peppers filled with cream cheese 
   Popcorn Chicken                                           4.99
      Served with Raspberry/Habanero sauce
   Hodg Podg                                                     4.99
      1/2 lb. of any combo of battered Mushrooms,
      Onion Rings, Cauliflower and Zucchini
   Mozzarella Cheese Sticks
      Two sizes -                          4 - 4.99  or 8 - 9.49
   Buffalo Balls 
      Deep fried Italian meatballs tossed in
      Hot sauce! Try 'em!         6 - 5.99  or 12 - 10.99
   Fried Dough - Just like at the fair!                3.99
   Apple Sticks (12)                                           3.99
      Sweet treat with apple filling, powered sugar 
$10.19 - served all day long!
 Lasagna - meat-filled pasta topped with Mozzarella
    and Parmesan
 Chicken Parmesan - breaded chicken topped with
    marinara sauce, Mozzarella and Parmesan
 Chicken Cordon Bleu - grilled chicken filet covered
    with bleu cheese and ham and Provolone cheese
 Fish - crispy 5 oz. Haddock filet, with tartar sauce
              * All Dinners include Coleslaw and 
                 choice of Fries OR Onion Rings
   EVERY DAY LUNCH SPECIALS- open until 2 pm!
      *  5 Wings, fries & 12 oz. can/water         9.24
      *  5 Fingers, fries & 12 oz. can/water     10.69
   SUNDAY - 20 Wings and a 
        Large Pizza with 3 toppings                  43.29
   MONDAY - Buy ANY Pizza, get 2nd pizza   FREE
        2nd of equal or lesser value (limit 4) 
   TUESDAY - 10 wings and a Small Cheese
         with 2 cans of soda (or water)             21.99
   WEDNESDAY - 20 wings and a
        Large 1-Topping Pizza                           40.29
   THURSDAY - 30 Wings and a
        Medium 1-Topping Pizza                        47.49
   FRIDAY - $3 Off any Large Pizza (limit 2)
                     small   large
 Garden          5.19   10.38
 Antipasto      6.49   12.98
 Chicken         6.49   12.98

 Dressings: Ranch, Italian 
or Blue Cheese
Hot Hoagies - $5.99
Made on a toasted 7" Hoagie roll

  Steak ‘n Cheese - shaved rib eye steak, Provolone cheese
  Super Steak ‘n Cheese - with onion and pepper (add 50¢) 
  Chicken Parmesan - breaded chicken, marinara, Mozzarella
  Grilled Chicken –grilled chicken filet, lettuce, tomato, mayo 
  Chicken Po’ Boy - spicy chicken, wing sauce and cole slaw 
  Sausage - mild Italian sausage, sautéed onion and pepper  
  BLT – crisp bacon, lettuce, tomato with mayo
  Meatball - Italian meatballs, marinara and Mozzarella
  Fish – battered Haddock filet, tartar sauce and lettuce

Make it a Meal Deal! Add fries and a 12 can or
 a water  to any Hoagie for just $2.75 more!
Delivery available from Opening time until 
1/2 hour PRIOR to Closing time
(This means the last delivery LEAVES 1/2 hour prior
 to closing time, not that we take orders until then.)
Delivery within the WATERTOWN CITY LIMITS only!

TammyK says:

Great variety of flavors, fast service, great taste. Pizza pretty good too. Located right downtown. Would go out of my way for their wings

          Review taken from:


Mike from Rolling Home RV Rentals says: 

Such a great place! Being from Buffalo, home of the chicken wing, it's darn near impossible to find good wings. The chains all serve microwave breaded soggy things they pass off as wings but not here! These are authentic, classic, amazing tasting wings just like back home. Their pizza is amazing too! So appreciate finding them! Support your local businesses and give them a try!

          Review taken from:  http://www, 


Kyle A from Watertown, NY says: 

Absolutely the best wings in Watertown for 30+ years. Taking nothing away from anyone else's, but Wing Wagon nails it. I've tried virtually every sauce and have never been disappointed. Don't miss the fingers either - great for dipping in your favorite sauce!

          Review taken from:
Other Stuff
  Cheese Calzone    8.49
     add .75 per filling
  Garlic Sticks (6)   4.59
Coke Products
  12 oz cans/water  1.09
  20 oz bottles        1.89 
  2-Ltr. bottles        3.29

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