In the beginning.......
there were NO Buffalo Style Chicken Wings to be found in Watertown, New York!

Then one day, way back in 1982, this brave and entrepreneurial couple opened a brand new restaurant on Public Square with a menu UNHEARD OF by the townfolk! 
dedicating ourselves to serving the fine citizens of Watertown and the surrounding areas the best Buffalo Style Chicken Wings we possibly could! When old enough, our girls helped out and worked right along side us, and we feel it helped to mold them into responsible and kind and dedicated young adults. Then off they went to college and, as a good life goes, they each have beautiful families and wonderful careers  as  teachers - in Watertown and Alexandria Bay. Still, on every Superbowl Sunday, our busiest day of the year, you'll see one or both of them here helping out! Thanks Katie and Lorie, we love you!!
"What do you mean you're going to sell chicken wings?"..."My mother throws them into boiling water to make soup stock!"..."You'll NEVER make a living selling CHICKEN WINGS!"..."What are you, NUTS?" ...were just a few of the comments we heard while preparing to open the WING WAGON. But then on December 22, 1982, our doors opened... and the curious came in.

With lots of determination and persistence, and with our two very young daughters in tow (aged 4 and 7 at the time), we spent long  hours working and

Well, the girls have grown and moved on, but some things never change... our wings are still the same as that opening day in 1982, still the same sauce recipe, still the same great taste and quality that people grew to love and remember. And we know that for sure - because you
folks tell us all the time. But we especially enjoy the
praises when they come "home" to visit family while 
on vacation or at holiday time, or when the soldiers 
come back from a tough tour overseas. It's such a 
treat to our ears to hear all you kind folks say 
"You've got the best wings in the world!" 
It makes all that hard work worth it!

A great big THANKS to all our loyal customers!!               

           Chuck and Mary Ann Wert

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Chuck Wert, lovingly dubbed "The Wing King", passed away December 28, 2017, 
a mere week after the 35th Anniversary of opening the Wing Wagon. He is missed!!!