Our "THREE C" Philosophy
Right from the start... Chuck and Mary Ann were insistent that all employees follow their "Three C" philosophy. Not any one is more or less important than the other two. They are:

Cleanliness - This goes without saying... maintaining a clean and sanitary environment and practicing health-conscious measures are a must!

Courtesy - Treating our customers politely, and being patient and helpful is mandatory.  Service with a SMILE! 

Consistency -  Each time a customer purchases food from our establishment, it should taste just like it did the time before. When it's GREAT, they'll keep coming back for more. But if it's not... we may lose them for sure. Consistency is key!
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If you like our food and our service - please tell your friends!! But if at any time you are not satisfied with your meal or the service you were given, please tell us so we can remedy the situation. Send us an email stating your issue and we will do our very best to fix it! 

We aim to please!